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Cold Forging is a forming process of material close to room temperature. In Cold Forging, the material is formed by using pressure and high speed into the dies (mold). This workmanship can add a level of hardness to produce good tensile strength.

By efficiently employing five parts formers in three different types, we are developing near net shape manufacturing of cold-forged materials. We are seeking not only to cut cost, but also to manufacture in a more Early-friendly manner. Putting know-how gained from cold-forging technology to work, we are developing in-house manufacturing of metal dies.. [ view more ]


Machining is a term used to describe a disposal of material from a workpiece, covering several processes usually divided into the following categories.. [ view more ]


Heat treatment is a process of changing a microstructure in metal materials and alloys, such as steel and aluminum so that it is useful as a power component. For example additions to the surface hardness, temperature resistance, elasticity and durability of a material.. [ view more ]


The assembly process is combine several child parts or supporting components into a product that can function in accordance with the purpose of its manufacture.. [ view more ]

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